In the article, “Floor lights helps ‘smartphone zombies’ keep eye on the road,” Tan (2017) addressed that Singaporeans tend to look down on their phones while crossing the road, Land transport authority  (LTA) launched an initiative to counter the issue by installing ground LED lights at pedestrian crossings.

The costly LED lights were installed along places at high pedestrian volume with diverse age group. The ground lights follow the timings of the current traffic light, it also helps to gauge whether the lights are suitable for Singapore’s climate. Other countries also practice similar concept through fines and signage against phone addicts. While installing LED lights is a good initiative by LTA, this approach will have negative consequences by increasing pedestrian’s reliance on the lights.



Letter Of Introduction

Dear Professor Blackstone,

I am currently attending your module in Effective Communication and would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Zi Rui, currently studying in singapore institutite of technology (SIT) sustainable infrastructure engineering (building services). I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2015, majoring in integrated facility management. During my second year in diploma, I was able to select an elective either in Aviation or Hospitality. I chose Aviation as my elective as I am interested and wish to expand and explore a different field of studies. After graduation, I decided to enroll into Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering because of the similarity between my diploma and degree in certain aspects. Also, to gain more knowledge and to pursue a career in this field of work.

My goals for the 3-4 years in SIT will be to gain more knowledge and skills which can be put to better use in the future. Also, to build up my confidence and communication skills and to achieve good results.

There are a few weaknesses in my communication skills, some of which is that I speak Chinese. As I am more comfortable in speaking Chinese, I tend to avoid speaking in English which in turns affected my communications with English speakers. This habit greatly affected me as I am unable to pronounce words and speaks confidently without slowing down, pausing for a moment or stutter. Secondly, I am an introvert and can only  speak comfortably and confidently only with people I know. My introvert characteristics do not only affect me socially, they affect my presentation skills too. I have to always remind myself to be confident and not shy away during presentations.

Despite my weaknesses, I am a team player. I am able to contribute to group projects, completing a task within the given time and ensuring my parts are done with appropriate standards. I enjoy working in groups and I am more comfortable working in small groups rather than bigger groups.

I believe that I will be able to communicate well and strengthen my presentation skills after completion of Effective Communications. And I believe you will be able to help us achieve our goals in communications skills by the end of this module. I look forward in working with you to improve myself and prepare for what is ahead in the future. Thank you.


Zi Rui



Wei Jie


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Wei Jie




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